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Born a beauty junkie

I have been a contract makeup artist since 1995.

Because makeup only looks as good as the canvas it's on.

I became a licensed managing esthetician in 2001.

I Further perfected my skills and knowledge of skin care as an aesthetician in 2002, with a plastic surgeon performing numerous anti-aging procedures ranging from medical micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels, to treatment of various skin conditions including acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

After eight years at an elite, upscale salon, with a dream and vision of owning my own salon contemporary and sophisticated, FACE was born.

Now entrepreneur, Jenny Simon is the FACE of the modern woman. Single mother, independent businesswoman, and incredible talent and credit to her own industry.

As a makeup artist, I realized early on that SKIN, MAKEUP, and EYEBROWS go hand-in-hand, but eyebrows are my passion. It is truly empowering to me, more importantly to my clients - helping them recognize what they already possess.

The eyebrow can make or break your look - unshaped or over-tweezed eyebrows can make a beautiful makeup application look off, ordinary or dull.

I have taught myself the endless variations possible with color, and while doing so, I have learned how different the color I apply affects each face I approach. The same is true with eyebrows; the one feature that can be altered most dramatically is the eyebrow. Eyebrows are the ultimate eye enhancer, and in my mind, most important feature on the FACE.

I like them thin, thick, curved, arching, penciled or powdered in, defined, and perfectly natural.

I believe the creation of sculpted brow is an art form that takes an eye for detail and balance. No two facial structures are alike and all features of the face must be taken into consideration.

Skincare is also very individualized - what works well for one person won't necessarily promote healthy skin for another. And that's where I come in...

Career Highlights:

  • Official makeup artist for Cincinnati Ben-Gals, 2003-2004
  • Spokesperson for Olay beauty products 2006-2010
  • Town and Country Magazine
  • A-Line Magazine (Authored article about eyebrows)

Featured In:

  • HER Magazine (Article exclusively about Jenny Simon FACE)
  • Cincinnati Magazine "Best of 2004"
  • City Beat "Best of Cincinnati 2013"
  • Cin Weekly
  • Style and Leisure Magazine
  • Hyde Park Living
  • Inspire Magazine
  • Cincy Chic
  • Cincinnati Business Courier
  • Cincinnati Enquirer